Orange County Car Insurance

With all the commercials on tv you may be tempted to make a bunch of phone calls and shop around for your car insurance. Stop! Why waste your time?

ERM has access to over 30 national insurance companies and can help you choose the best policy for your needs. Weather your priority is getting the lowest price for an older car or the best coverage for a classic car, we are your trusted, local advisors. ERM Insurance is here to help you!

Orange County Car Insurance Basics

By law, car insurance is required for all road vehicles in California. The level of coverage above liability only is up to you. There are six different kinds of coverage,some which are optional.

Liability Coverage. If others are injured or property is damaged as a result of a car accident which you were at fault for, liability coverage pays for this. It is the minimum coverage required by California law.

Property Coverage. If your car is stolen or damaged, this additional coverage will reimburse you for your loss up to the level it is insured for.

Medical. When you are at fault for a bad accident, medical coverage typically pays for treatment of injuries, rehabilitation, and physical therapy. Occasionally it can reimburse for lost wages or cover funeral costs in the event of a death.

Gap Insurance. Many times when you purchase a car, there is a difference between the amount borrowed and the car's value. The lender may require insurance for this difference, in case the car is totalled in an accident. Gap insurance covers that difference.

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Package Discounts

If you have multiple polices such as home and auto under the same insurance carrier, you can qualify for discouted rates. Let us take a look at all your insurance policies and we can find the best deal for you.

Your Personal Consultant and Advocate

It can be shocking and scary to have an accident of another type of loss. You have the comfort of knowing that we are here for you in your time of need. We are industry experts whi can walk you through the whole claims process. We will make sure you are treated fairly.

Circumstances change and what may have been the right decision previously may not be now. You should review your coverage every year, but most people do not have time or remember to do this before their renewal. Every year, we look at your information and ask you about changes in your life to determine that the coverage you have is the coverage you need. We are here to help you.