Orange County Business Insurance

Why "shopping" is a bad idea

"Shopping" for insurance can lead to poor decisions. You could end up saving money by purchasing a policy that leaves serious gaps in insurance coverage. Sometimes insurance salespeople will quote insufficient coverage in order to gain a price advantage. Unfortunately, many business owners do not have the insurance experience to fully evaluate what they are being quoted.

Have you ever read your insurance policy?

Orange County business Insurance is complicated. There are very important differences from one policy to another that only a trained expert would know how to spot.

Comparing two policies takes a lot of experience. Designing a comprehensive insurance program requires an expert. Very few insurance salespeople have the skills to do this.

We can help you get the right coverage at a great price

Large insurance companies evaluate the services and expertise of insurance brokers and hire the ones they want to represent them. Many brokers work with the same insurance companies. Broker’s compensations are negotiated by the insurance company and there is no incentive to push products. In sum, different brokers will get the same prices from each insurance company, there are no special deals. Only a broker's experience will help you get the right coverages to fit your unique situation. They will know which company provides that coverage at the best price.

Specialized Programs

There is no one-size fits all insurance policy for a business. We offer special insurance programs that are customized to your type of business:


Complete Transparency

You will get a complete evaluation of your coverage. Then we'll go over the carriers, products, and coverages that are the best fit for you. Then we'll take the time to explain why these are right for you. We will show you all the quotes and help you compare them. We disclose the commission that each company pays so that you can trust our recommendations.