Don't Shop for Your Insurance.
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Have you read your insurance policy?

Business Insurance is far more complicated than most people think and there can be subtle but very important differences from one policy to another. To design a complete insurance program and to compare one policy with another takes a great deal of experience, training and skill. Very few insurance salespeople have sufficient skill to do this properly, and even fewer clients do.

Poor buying decisions

The process of “shopping” for insurance often leads to poor decisions. Whether knowingly or not, many insurance salespeople will quote an inferior product and gain a price advantage. Many clients lack the expertise to fully evaluate the quotes and end up saving money by purchasing a policy that is less expensive only because it is incomplete and leaves serious gaps in coverage.

A better way

Large companies do not quote one broker against another, they go through a process of broker selection where they evaluate the services and expertise of the brokers and hire them to represent them in the insurance marketplace. They know that most brokers work with the same insurance companies and that they will receive the same quotes whether they work with one broker or many. They also negotiate the terms of the broker’s compensation so that the broker has no incentive to push a product that is advantageous for them.


We will discuss with you the carriers, products, and coverages that are the best fit for you and will take the time to explain why. We will show you all quotes, help you compare them, and disclose the commission that each pays so that you can trust our recommendations.