More than Just Insurance

Focus on Total Cost of Risk

ERM Insurance Brokers has one goal, to reduce our clients’ total cost of risk. We help clients design and implement risk reduction strategies, claim management programs, in-depth coverage assessments, and secure preferred rates from the carriers. Our unique approach is highly effective and reduces costs in both the short run and the long term.

Enterprise Risk Management

This concept is so integral to our mission that we named our company for it. We evaluate all your risks and develop comprehensive, enterprise-level solutions. Many risks are inter-related and require the involvement of more than one person or department within an organization. For example, a “safety” program is not as effective as a holistic approach that also encompasses hiring, training, drug testing and wellness. Very few mid-sized companies have the resources to develop an Enterprise Risk Management program and we help them do so. Our definition of risk is broader too; we look at fines, penalties, and lost productivity as forms of risk and develop programs to minimize these risks also.

Cost-effective solutions

ERM Insurance Brokers is a low cost provider. We are staffed with outstanding people and outsource many services to local experts to keep our overhead low. Through our connection with ISU we can place business with virtually every major insurance carrier in the country, and are able to secure preferred terms because the carriers know that our ERM model will reduce claims and make our clients more profitable for them.

Personal Insurance:

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